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Duda or Wix, which website builder would be a better pick in 2022?

Go through this in-depth Duda vs Wix comparison to make the right decision.

Today, the market is saturated with tons of website builders – each one framing themselves as better. In such a situation, sifting through all of them can be overwhelming.  

Without a doubt, a website builder is essential for your website’s growth and success as it affects the website’s SEO, security, performance, speed, and uptime.

But between a Free and a Premium plan, you must go for a premium version if you want to climb the stairs towards success because features offered by free services are limited and not promising. 

Since you have narrowed down your list to Duda and Wix, one thing is clear- you want a hassle-free website builder with top-level functionality. Therefore, the best way is to compare the two website builders. 

That is why, in this article, we will compare both renowned website builders Duda and Wix in terms of Features, ease of use and customizability, pricing, customer support, template library, integrations along with their blogging and eCommerce functionality. So stick around, if you want to make a wise decision for your website. 

In a rush? Check out the summary of the Duda vs Wix comparison. 

Duda Overview

Duda is a DIY design-focused website builder that comes with a simple drag-and-drop editor to build an attractive website for all different types of projects from personal websites to online stores and businesses. It ranks due to its mesmerizing template library, initiative editor, amazing support, and its out-of-the-box features and customization tools. 

WIX Overview

Wix, on the other hand, is a top-notch DIY website builder that scores thanks to its versatile and limitless feature-set and customization tools. It uses AI-based concepts and sophisticated technologies that translate into a unique website for literally any type of project, within a matter of minutes. Not to mention, the reasonable pricing and ease of use that appeals to its users. 

Breakdown of Comparison

FeaturesWIXBoth Wix and Duda are packed with impressive features but Wix has a diverse and limitless collection of features, hence it has a lot to offer to any kind of website owner.
ThemesWIXBoth Wix and Duda offer mesmerizing templates, but Wix with greater freedom of customization and variety takes the lead. Duda however, offers greater flexibility and mobile-friendly templates. 
Ease of UseWIXThere is no doubt that Wix offers greater creative freedom and an intuitive interface to build a website efficiently than Duda, which on the contrary, requires much coding expertise for customization making it difficult for first-timers.
PricingWIXWix has free and more reasonable pricing plans than Duda, especially keeping in account the much wider range of features offered by Wix. 
Blogging WIXBoth of these website builders provide out-of-the-box blogging features, however, Wix wins due to higher blogging functionality and ease of use. 
eCommerce WIXWix has a powerful eCommerce engine that provides tons of high-end features to run a successful online business such that it even competes in high-ranking eCommerce solutions. 
IntegrationsWIXWins is the obvious winner due to tons of apps and add-ons as opposed to limited apps and widgets offered by Duda. 
SupportDudaDuda wins over Wix in terms of customer support due to numerous resources and the number of support options available to help solve your issues. 

Duda Vs Wix: Short Verdict

Wix is the ultimate winner of the Duda vs Wix comparison as it takes the lead in the majority of categories we evaluated. Wix is much easier to use, provides high-end templates, an enormous App market, top-level features, and eCommerce functionality along with basic blogging tools and a huge knowledge base yet manages to be affordable.

Duda is only better than Wix in terms of customer support and flexibility of templates, however, it requires coding at many points making it a better choice for technical experts. 

1. Features

Both Duda and Wix encompass strong features that distinguish them from the crowd. They come up with impressive functionality for any type of website, but to find out the one that complies with your websites’ requirements it’s essential to analyze the feature-set that plays a vital role in affecting your site’s performance.

Duda’s Features

Duda is packed with a multitude of features that not only make the website building process easier and more effective but are also geared towards client management and team collaboration.

It offers a set of multi-language features where you can choose from over 55 languages to have a greater target audience. This way you can also create multi-language responsive websites and language-specific URLs for geotargeting purposes.    

Duda also provides Stats and Analytics of your website which includes visitor count, their geo-location, and which pages they visited. You can also integrate Google Analytics to track site activity. Furthermore, it gives event tracking features, graphical demonstration, email summaries and much more.

In addition to that Duda offers comment management features, a site overview for your clients, professionally curated marketing materials, and even a couple of features intended for creating Dynamic pages. 

Duda also has a mobile application that is designed with easy-to-click buttons to help you edit remotely. You can upload photos and edit widgets. 

Duda websites are hosted on Amazon Web Services making Duda fast and secure. It even provides you with unlimited bandwidth and storage. Duda also provides a free SSL certificate and also allows you to make site backups. Moreover, it has a Global CDN that provides reduced load time. 

Duda encourages team collaboration by providing features that allow you to share and duplicate sections, share templates and widgets, along with a team sections Dashboard which is a collaborative space

Furthermore, it even provides an extensive list of widgets like click-to-Email, click-to-call, online scheduling, icon library, PayPal, Yelp review display, Zoom conferencing, contact form coupon code generation, Twitter feed, etc. All of these promote your brand and help interact better with the customers hence increasing conversions. 

You can also create custom widgets, edit, customize, and update seamlessly within its Widget builder. 

WIX’s Features

Wix feature set is a top-notch and all-in-one business solution. The features offered by Wix ranging from its Editors to marketing tools are just amazing. Moreover, it provides dedicated features to manage various types of businesses.

It has an extensive collection of marketing tools. It gives deep insight on site’s traffic through visitor Analytics, social tools to grow social following, easy subscription to the mailing list, advanced SEO tools along access to beautiful email marketing campaigns.  

Wix even has a mobile application known as the Wix Owner app so that you can manage your business from anywhere easily. The app is cool as it provides great functionality and with everything to run your business right in your pocket.

In addition to that, Wix provides a custom domain name, personalized Email, contact management system and a Wix Chat for your users to get in touch with you. It also grants an SSL certificate to boost SEO and security. 

One of the highlights of Wix features is its ADI Editor which instantly creates a stunning mobile-friendly website for you based on the answers to a few simple questions about your business. At times, the site it builds looks better than the site made by webmasters. You can even make some tweaks to it with advanced editing options.

Furthermore, Wix even grants a high-end Logo Maker. It will ask you some questions and then suggest some mesmerizing logo designs for your website. You can select one and customize it accordingly. This way, you can easily design and integrate a logo into your website.

Wix Logo Creator

Storage space at Wix falls in the range of 500MB to 50GB. Two of its lowest plans offer limited bandwidth of 1GB and 2GB respectively while other higher plans come with unlimited bandwidth. Amazingly, it even gets you a first term free domain name in Combo and higher plans. You also get to restore the previous version of your site with a  single click. 

If that wasn’t enough, Wix also launched a Wix App Market to extend the website’s functionality containing a plethora of widgets, integrations, and apps that can be installed in a single click.

Duda, however, lacks this amazing feature of the App store which means in Duda you cannot simply add more features and functions to your website like in Wix. 

To cut the long story short, Wix is packed with versatile features that have a lot to offer for any kind of website owner. Duda also has a great feature set but when compared to Wix, it has to bow down in defeat. 

Winner: Wix

2) Duda Vs Wix: Themes

Templates make your website building process much more efficient. It grants your website an enchanting look driving traffic to your site. 

Duda lets you choose from over 100 stylish pre-made templates so that things are pretty straightforward for you. For your ease of browsing through the templates, These are divided into 10 categories: Community, Business, Portfolio, lifestyle, events, online store, etc. Moreover, you can also search through the provided search bar. 

Aside from these professionally designed templates it also has a few blank templates so that you can work on them from scratch.

Well, you don’t need to worry as you can also change the template even after you have started customizing it. However, Wix does not offer this flexibility. 

Duda allows you to preview before you activate the templates. What’s interesting about this is that it goes far ahead of other website builders by letting you view how the template looks on all three types of devices- desktop, smartphone, and tablet- simultaneously. It even has a separate tool for creating a mobile-friendly website. 

In addition to that, you can easily customize the template by editing the pre-filled text, adding numerous elements, and also making other tweaks like changing the background colour; all with just a few clicks. 

An amazing feature is its integrated Code Editor that allows users to edit HTML and CSS to give their website a more personalized touch along with high-end functionality. 

So do you think Wix can compete with Duda in terms of templates? 
Let’s see.

Let’s take a look at Wix’s templates library.

Wix comes up with over 500 versatile and enchanting templates that make your site stand out from millions of others on the web. 

In comparison to Duda, Wix has made it easier to search for templates by dividing them into 18 categories like Photography, Business, Video, Music, Design, Travel, Blog, Events, Portfolio, etc.

These are then further divided into numerous categories to narrow it down further, like you will find tabs such as Food and travel, Fashion, Podcast, in the blog category. 

Like Duda, it also allows you to build your website from scratch on a blank template. 

Furthermore, these templates are fully customizable thanks to the advanced features that Wix offers. It lets you add elements, upload images, edit content and make other tweaks like resizing of elements. In Wix, you can place the elements wherever you want on the page. In contrast, Duda is a little restricted in this aspect. 

These impressive designs coupled with drag-and-drop functionality will allow you to create any design fulfilling any website need. Moreover, Wix claims that its templates are mobile-friendly. However, unlike Duda, it is not fully adaptive to any screen size so may not work to its full functionality. 

Another major disadvantage of Wix themes is that once you select one, you are stuck with it as you are not allowed to switch to another template. 

In conclusion, both offer eye-catching templates, but Wix offers greater freedom of customization and a greater variety of high-end templates, making it a close winner to Duda. Duda, on the other hand, offers greater flexibility and greater mobile-responsive templates. At times, it may also require technical skills to have a high-end website. 

Winner: Wix

3) Duda vs Wix: Ease of Use and Customizability

Without a doubt, you need an intuitive website builder to save you from frustration and make your website building process painless. Therefore, let’s check both Duda and Wix for ease of use and customizability options. 

Duda comes with a simple drag-and-drop editor but with certain limitations. You are free to add elements and widgets available but unlike at Wix, you are not free to place it anywhere you want. Some of these widgets include Social media feeds, Navigation links, recent blog posts, Online scheduling, social icons, PayPal button, Business hours, contact forms, and so on. 

Adding a new section from a wide array of pre-designed sections is also feasible but again the sections take their predetermined place on the page. It means you can’t switch their position; you can only change color, fonts, and resize. However, these sections build your website efficiently and create a professional website. 

Furthermore, Duda’s features are focused on individuals creating multiple sites, so if you are a small-scale business owner planning to create a site, then dealing with tons of additional features might get confusing and difficult to use. 

But if you want to explore its functionality and full customizability, it mainly lies in HTML and CSS coding. 

Therefore, coders would like some of its features like being able to create customized widgets via Duda’s widget builder. You can also activate the developer mode, to make necessary changes by entering the website’s coding environment. 

Let’s see how Wix fares in this category.

Wix on the other hand comes with two intuitive editors. One is the standard Wix editor while the other is Wix ADI ( Artificial Design Intelligence). 

Wix aims at providing a hassle-free website building process even for beginners who have no relation with coding. With its intuitive dashboard and user-friendly interface, it gets super easy and fast to create a website in a couple of minutes. Even as a beginner, you can master the platform in a short time. 

The Wix Editor comes with simple drag-and-drop functionality allowing you to place the elements, pages, and content exactly where you want it to be with no structural limitations.

The other Wix ADI tool is something outstanding. It will ask you some questions and based on the answers it will build a whole website for you tailored to your requirements. Later you can also make edits to the website generated via the ADI tool or shift to Wix classical editor. 

However, dealing with a gazillion of options and features may get hectic for some. Therefore, when you first land on the editor, it may be difficult to navigate. Give it some time to memorize the positions of things and you will get used to it eventually.

If you want deeper access to customizability and complete creative freedom, then you can make use of Wix Velo for hassle-free coding. You will be able to write your own code in the built-in IDE and connect to hundreds of APIs.

In conclusion,  Wix is the obvious winner over Duda in terms of ease of use and customizability as it provides greater creative freedom, an intuitive dashboard, and an impressive ADI tool making it easy for beginners, whereas Duda requires comparatively much greater technical expertise even to customize existing elements.

Winner: Wix

4) Duda Vs Wix: Pricing

You have seen the features and other related stuff until now. So, how much will these website builders ask for, in exchange for the features they offer.

Let’s go ahead and look for yourself.

Duda lacks a free tier like Wix, instead, it gives you the option to test its service for 14 days so that you can explore the website builder and test its remarkable features. Once the free trial is over, it will ask you to buy any of its premium versions if you wish to continue using the platform. 

It has three premium plans powered by Amazon Web Services along with which it also has three eCommerce solutions available as add-ons. These are priced at one add-on per site.

Duda’s Premium Pricing Plans are as follows;

  • Basic plan has one website included hosted on AWS along with email support only. It is billed at $19 per month. 
  • Team plan also includes one site hosted on AWS but with better features and customer support. It is originally priced at $29 per month. A 14-day free trial is available in this plan. 
  • Agency plan allows the hosting of 4 websites with priority customer support. It goes for $59 a month.
  • Custom plan for those who want managed services for hundreds of websites, 24/7 dedicated support, and need a custom quote. 

Its eCommerce Pricing Plans are as follows;

  • Standard plan that provides you with the essentials needed to run an online store where you can sell up to 100 products. It costs $8 per month.
  • Advanced plan with sophisticated features to grow your business allowing you to sell up to 2,500 products. It goes for $22 per month.
  • Unlimited plan comes with professional tools to scale your business where you can sell unlimited products, It is priced at $49 a month.

However, you can get a discount on each of these plans if you pay annually. 

Here’s how Wix prices its services.

Wix on the contrary offers a forever free plan but it will hardly offer the features that a premium Wix feature offers. You also won’t be able to build an eCommerce store or have a fully functional long-running website. It will also contain Wix ads and no custom domain. 

When it comes to its premium plans you have two major categories to choose from: Website Plans and Business and eCommerce plans. 

The basic pricing structure of its Website Plans is;

  • Connect Domain is its most basic plan that contains Wix ads. It costs $4.5 a month.
  • Combo plan is most suitable for personal use like portfolios or even for small businesses. This goes for $8.5 a month.
  • Unlimited plan is best for entrepreneurs and freelancers. You can subscribe for a price of $12.5 per month.
  • VIP plan grants you VIP priority support along with analytics and free professional logo design for your business. It goes for $24.5 per month.
Wix Website Plans Regular Price Best-for Discounted Price
Connect Domain Plan$4.50/monthBeginnersCheck Price
Combo Plan$8.50/monthPersonal WebsiteCheck Price
Unlimited Plan$12.50/monthlyEntrepreneursCheck Price
VIP Plan$24.50/monthlyAdvanced WebmastersCheck Price

The pricing structure of its Business and Ecommerce category is as follows;

  • Business basic is the basic plan of this category that accepts online payments. It is priced at $17 a month. 
  • Business Unlimited is the most popular plan as it offers all eCommerce features and a professional logo. It goes for $25 a month.
  • Business VIP, the most expensive of all the plans as you get the complete Wix suite here along with priority customer support. It has a price tag of $35 monthly.
Wix Business Plans Regular Price Best-forDiscounted Price
Business Basic$17New Business OwnersCheck Price
Business VIP$25Advanced WebmastersCheck Price
Business Unlimited$35Large BusinessCheck Price

All of its plans offer 14 days money-back guarantee so you don’t need to worry and just go for Wix if you think it’s best for you. 

When evaluating the pricing aspect, it’s clear that Wix is miles ahead of Duda. Wix has a free plan and even its premium packages are much more affordable, not to mention the feature-set of Wix is also far better than that of Duda. 

Winner: Wix

5)  Duda vs Wix: Blogging 

Both Duda and Wix also provide Blogging functionality. Let’s dig it further. 

Duda comes with numerous blogging features that help build a professional blog. You can easily create a blog post and add images, widgets, rows to it. Furthermore, you can schedule posts, customize their layout and style, optimize through autofill blog tags, integrate RSS feeds, view blog stats, manage posts easily, share on other social media platforms, and enable multiple authors to your blog.

In addition to that, it allows you to either go for a ready-made blogging theme or create your own.  

Let’s take a look at the Blogging features Wix has to offer.

Wix also offers a wonderful blogging feature that can be activated by integrating Wix Blog into your website. You can easily choose a blog template and customize it. Moreover, you can create and edit blog posts, add multiple writers to manage and write posts, add tag clouds, adjust SEO parameters, manage comments, and also share on other social media platforms.

Wix even allows the writing and managing of blog posts from mobile phones. Overall blogging functionality of Wix is convenient and easy to use. 

Wix takes the lead in blogging functionality as it enables you to create a feature-rich blog without coding.

Winner: Wix

6) Duda vs Wix: eCommerce Functionalities 

Although both Duda and Wix are not full-fledged eCommerce solutions, they still offer promising eCommerce tools and features.

Duda unusually allows you to add eCommerce tools onto its cheapest plans as well which is quite amazing. But this means you will have to subscribe to the Duda website plan to have an eCommerce add-on. 

Aside from building a fully responsive storefront with an integrated design, it makes it possible to add product pages layouts, customize descriptions, designs, show multiple images, set different delivery zones, enable tax options, and much more.

Duda has over 30 payment gateways including Stripe, Square, PayPal, Square, etc.  It also has some promotional tools like multiple channel selling, gift cards, coupons generation, email marketing, etc. Moreover, you can show stock count, shipping options, display discounts, set product categories, and let customers download digital products.

Now let’s take a look at the eCommerce features Wix has to offer.

Wix has a powerful eCommerce engine that primarily targets small and medium-sized businesses and unlike Duda, it has separate eCommerce plans. You can start by integrating the Wix Store widget. This allows you to display unlimited goods and sell both digital and physical products.  

You can also edit eCommerce templates and descriptions, add multiple images, set SEO settings, introduce special offers, etc. Wix provides over 50 payment solutions like PayPal with no commission fee.

You will get tools to set customized tax, shipping rules, a store manager to manage your inventory. It even translates your store into 90+ languages and provides detailed business reports and analytics.  

You also get a mobile app to manage your store smoothly, dropshipping feature, print-on-demand, access to multiple sales channels, a logo maker, and much more.

In summary, Wix is an obvious winner here as well. eCommerce stores with Wix are feature-rich and customization options are up to the mark. Duda does provide good features but fails to meet the level of Wix.

Winner: Wix

7) Duda vs Wix: Integrations and Add-ons

Now let’s take a look at who provides better integrations and add-ons between Duda and Wix. 

Duda offers a decent selection of apps, widgets, and integrations which are divided into several categories. 

  • Business and Site management integrations like AudioEye, Paperform, Loxi, Google Analytics, PayPal, Google Calendar, Mapbox etc. 
  • Marketing apps and integrations such as Uberall, Yext, OpenTable, MailChimp, Yelp and many others.
  • Social Network integrations including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Disqus, TripAdvisor etc
  • Data collection integrations are Google Sheets, AirTable, and the external database of Duda.
  • Video and Audio integrations like Dailymotion, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Hence, you can choose from numerous widgets and apps to boost sales, start email marketing campaigns, build popups, schedule online meetings, embed contact forms, and much more.  Duda app store offers very few apps for integration, unlike Wix, which encompasses an enormous App market packed with 100s of apps. 

Moreover, you can customize the widgets and build from scratch which, however, requires HTML, CSS, Javascript skills.

How about the Wix Integrations? Let’s take a look.

Wix, on the contrary, offers a humongous App Market containing hundreds of apps, widgets, add-ons, and extensions. These apps are either free, paid, or offer limited functionality at a lower cost. 

For your convenience, all of these are divided into different categories, each of which is in turn further categorized so that you can narrow down your choice. 

  • Marketing category consists of 76 apps including Social Stream, WEB-STAT, Google ads, Simple Affiliate, Clever, Privy, Mailchimp, GetTraffic, StoreMetrics etc.
  • Sell Online category comprises 92 apps including Wix Stores, Amazon, Printful, Printify, PayPal Button, Price table, Etsy Shop, eBay Store etc.
  • Services and Events section contains 20 apps like Wix Hotels, Events Calendar, Wix Bookings, Wix Events, Wix restaurants, Wix reservation, real Estate, Bookings List, Online Scheduling etc. 
  • Media and Content division offers 39 apps including Wix Video, Wix Music, Website Content, TubePress, PDF Viewer, Wix Photo Albums etc.
  • Design Elements section consists of 41 apps such as Site Search, Online Business cards, Site Badges, Photo Editor, Calculator Builder etc.
  • Communication category contains 53 apps including Wix Blog, Wix Chat, Wix Forms, Customer reviews, Testimonial, Live Chat support etc.

The apps are also divided with respect to their function like apps that collect leads. These widgets and apps can fit any need and give a boost to the functionality of your website. 

Wix is an obvious winner here as well because of its extensive app market that provides apps and add-ons for all website requirements to enhance site performance. Duda comes with limited selections of integrations and apps, requiring you to create widgets from scratch. 

Winner: Wix.

8) Duda vs Wix: Customer Support

No matter how much pro you are at managing your website but there may come a time where you get stuck. At that moment, you must have someone that got your back. Therefore, let’s dig into the details of how good support Duda and Wix provide. 

Duda has a couple of impressive support options and resources aimed at solving all your problems. 

You can count on its enormous Help Centre that contains articles and guides dealing with every matter of the website building process. The articles are neatly categorized and arranged to make navigation easier.

The articles discuss each aspect in detail and contain video tutorials for each point. 

Moreover, it also has a huge Resource Centre where you can find marketing materials, product reviews, success stories, and even webinars to watch. These webinars and meetings are regularly held by Duda experts and developers to keep you informed. Duda also has a Blog and a newsletter, again to help you with everything you need to know. 

Furthermore, it also comes with a Duda University that offers free courses and certifications to level up your website building skills and to boost your business growth. That is really amazing!

Well, if these resources are not enough, then you can also get in touch with their support team through Email and in addition to that a live chat, and phone or call-back support for higher plan subscribers. Phone and Live chat support are available 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

Duda claims to answer the phone within 5 mins and to live chat within 15 mins. However, with the Enterprise plans you get priority 24/7 support. 

Let’s see the support options offered by Wix.

Wix boasts a huge knowledge base that comprehensively covers each topic from getting started and editing, to managing and optimizing. So whenever you face a problem, you can count on Wix’s Help Centre. It is well-structured to make navigation simple. With the detailed articles consisting of pictures and videos, the website building process is a breeze.

If your problem is still unsolved, you can even approach specialists at Wix via Email or 24/7 callback service.

Wix is also working on making live chat available for its users. For now, it’s available in certain regions. It claims to respond to the call back request within two minutes however email may take a few hours. 

Furthermore, premium users can also get access to VIP support. Wix also helps you with the website building process through suggestions, guidelines, and reminders.
However, we have received some reports about Wix support as issues of some users remained unresolved. 

In a nutshell, Duda has better customer support than Wix. It provides multiple resources for learning and training, and to solve problems along with many support options. 

Winner: Duda

Final Verdict

Both Duda and Wix make website development easier and efficient but they adopt a diverse approach towards the website creation process and also differ much in their functionality and other categories. It doesn’t matter if you are a web design expert or a beginner, the systems are designed equally for both user types. 

Wix, however, is the winner of our Duda vs Wix comparison as aside from offering such intuitive Editors, it also offers a plethora of attractive templates, an enormous App market with all the add-ons you need, top-notch features, simple yet amazing blogging functionality, and affordable pricing plans that enable users to create a professional website easily and go online fast. 

Duda is somewhat complicated in some aspects where it requires much coding expertise, but it provides flexible templates, out-of-the-box features, eCommerce functionality, blogging tools, and most importantly impressive customer support. However, it is not the best choice for beginners. 


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